Available Certifications

The AWP certification programs create a standard certification process for WorkFace Planners and Advanced Work Packagers in construction (primarily within the domain of energy / oil and gas, but applicable and relevant to megaprojects in the chemicals, infrastructure, power generation and commercial domains as well).

Formal certification in this domain has been a long time in the making, and while future certifications are still in the works, we can now begin accepting applications for the WorkFace Planning Professionals Level 1 (WFP in Training) Certification.

The WorkFace Planning Professional

The WorkFace Planning Professional certification program aims to establish the benchmark for required training, previous experience and demonstrated knowledge to qualify for certification as a WorkFace Planning Professional (WFPP). There are two phases to WFPP certification:

Now Available!
WorkFace Planning Professional Level One (also called WFP in Training); and

In Development…
WorkFace Planning Professional Level Two (also called WFP Professional)

The Advanced Work Packaging Professional

In Development…

The Advanced Work Packaging Professional certification will designed for the graduates of universities, colleges, or technical institutes working in the construction and engineering industries. The credential will be primarily focused on those individuals that work on the front end of projects on processes involving the creation, release, monitoring and control / close-out of Engineering Work Packages (EWPs), Construction Work Packages (CWPs), early development of Installation Work Packages (IWPs), providing early construction input and assisting in the development of the Path of Construction (construction sequencing). Individuals with this credential could also create, release, monitor and control and close out IWPs in the field.

The AWP certification process is currently in development. Please watch this page for more information or contact us with specific inquiries.

Other Certifications

Additional formal certifications related to AWP & WFP are in consideration for future development based on the requirements of industry as determined by stakeholders.