How it Works

This page contains information about the general certification process. As additional certification types are introduced, this process may vary slightly between certifications.

The application process (general)

  1. Submit application via email; attach electronic copies of required documentation, or send in requested documentation separately via post mail.
  2. Send application fee (CAD $300) by cheque via post mail (online payment option coming soon).
  3. Application reviewed by AWP Certs for completeness. If the application is incomplete, we will request additional information.
  4. Complete application and supporting documentation reviewed for accuracy by AWP Certs. If all requirements met, applicant scheduled for proctored online exam.
  5. When applicant passes the proctored online exam, they become certified and officially registered as a certificate-holder in the AWP Certifications database.
  • If applicant fails the proctored online exam, a re-exam can be scheduled every 4 months to a maximum of 3 times in 12 months. There is a re-examination fee associated with each attempt.

Specific requirements

For certification-specific requirements, the following information is currently available: