About AWP Certifications

AWP Certifications is a non-profit company formed in 2014 to design and develop a series of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning certifications to formalize the training and validation of professional AWP & WFP planners in the global construction industry.

AWP Certs is comprised of a team of directors that lead a board of advisors comprised of subject matter experts and stakeholders from key industry domains: project owners, constructors, engineers, labor providers and researchers. All certifications developed by AWP Certs include very strong input from COAA and CII.

How it all got started…

The Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) and the Construction Industry Institute (CII) developed the Advanced Work Packaging Model in 2011 and an implementation guide in 2013. Starting in 2012, the COAA WorkFace Planning Committee created a working committee to investigate the requirements necessary to create a certification for Advanced Work Packaging professionals and WorkFace Planners. Over 60 industry representatives were consulted as members of an advisory committee. After almost two years of investigation, the committee developed a framework for certification and recommended an independent non-profit organization be created to manage and administrate the certification process.

In late 2014, a board of advisors with representatives from the owner, construction, engineering, labor provider, education and research sectors was created along with representatives from COAA and CII. The non-profit organization started the process of incorporation in 2014 and the first certifications began rolling out in mid 2015.

Today, AWP Certifications is an independent organization developing certifications for WorkFace Planners and Advanced Work Packagers, and is looking toward other AWP & WFP-related certifications as deemed necessary through stakeholder input. This organization is driven by industry and requires the ongoing support of its strong advisory board to provide that direction.


AWP Certifications acknowledges the work of the Canada Construction Sector Council (now BuildForce Canada) and the contributions of the industry stakeholders and representatives that comprise the AWP Certifications Advisory Committee and Board of Directors, all of which informed the development of the Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning Professionals certification competency profile.