Qualifying AWP & WFP Practitioners and Trainers

awpcerts-home-graphicAWP Certifications, Inc. (or, AWP Certs) is an independent, non-profit entity that certifies AWP & WFP professionals approves and recognizes qualified AWP & WFP training providers. We are the official certifying body for Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and WorkFace Planning (WFP) professionals.

We are directed by a board of over 30 industry advisors from the owner, construction and engineering contractor, labor provider and educational institution sectors of Canada and the United States. All certifications developed by AWP Certs include very strong input from the Construction Owners Association of Alberta and the Construction Industry Institute.

AWP Certs acknowledges the work of the Canada Construction Sector Council (Now BuildForce Canada) and the contributions of the industry stakeholders and representatives that comprise the AWP Certifications Advisory Committee and Board of Directors, all of which inform the development of the official AWP & WFP certifications.